Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm a bit late getting on board, but I'm doing my part to give the Oregon Food Bank a hand during these hard times. They've enlisted bloggers to encourage their readers to make donations to this worthy organization.

The shelves are too bare these days, especially considering the escalating need for support for hungry families.

This promotion will run through February. It's easy to help. Just click on the logo and you'll be directed to Oregon Food Bank's donation page. And if you don't mind, in the Tribute section, In Honor Of: could you please write "Blog for Food"? Just to keep track. Thanks.

I just looked at the logo closely and now I see that's a huge fountain pen. I thought it was a rocket. Thought that was an oddly warlike logo for a food bank. But now I get it. We bloggers, we wordsmiths, are pitching in to help. Won't you?


1 comment: said...

It's never too late! Thanks for joining in!!